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Inside information to help you effectively market your restaurant

It isn’t at all difficult to imagine business owners from all industries and from all markets to agree that the most competitive, the most cutthroat, and the most difficult to succeed industry is the restaurant industry – and honestly, it isn’t even close.

There are competitors crashing in on you from all sides, looking for ways to steal your business – and your livelihood – and just as soon as you think you have come out on top of the local competition new competitors pop up in the cycle starts all over again.

This is why you have to be incredibly sappy, incredibly strategic, and incredibly focused on it comes time to build and grow your business. You need to use the inside information below to maximize your marketing opportunities – and hopefully the tips and tricks we include below help you do exactly that!

menu covers

Your menu covers are a great untapped resource

The menu covers that you have protecting your actual menus can be a fantastic place to market your business, giving you the opportunity to advertise specials, prominently display HD photographs of your food and drinks, or even to leave messages to your guests that sometimes from other prominent guests – to get them excited and enthused about the experience they are about to have. Do not let your menu covers remain “plain Jane”.

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to build and promote your restaurant, but it’s amazing how many businesses do not take advantage of what is essentially “free money”. You’ll want to modernize your loyalty program as much as possible – it’s best if you can tie it into a digital application that includes reviews and menu items from your restaurant – but you absolutely have to have one of these in place.

Master the realm of online and mobile marketing

According to restaurant industry reports, more and more customers are reporting that they discovered new restaurants with mobile searches, mobile targeted advertising, and online review platforms – which means you need to make sure that these elements are a huge part of your business. You want to divert resources to these platforms, you want to make sure that the bulk of your advertising spend is done through these online channels, and you need to make sure that you are maximizing all of this digital real estate space as much as possible to build and grow your business.

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