Three Imperative Menu Covers for Fine Dining

There should be three distinct menus at any establishment that caters to fine dining. Upscale restaurants, pubs or clubs, lounges and cafes should have one food menu, one bar menu and one for specials. This special menu could be for the wine list in clubs or restaurants. It could be for desserts in cafes. Wine list should ideally be a separate menu and not included in the bar menu. Any place that serves a plethora of desserts, which is common for upscale restaurants, should have a dedicated menu for the same. It augurs well for branding to hand over distinct menus for foods and drinks. It is ideal to have one for appetizers or starters, one for the main course, one for dessert and one for the bar, excluding the wine list if it is extensive.

menu cover

Therefore, the three imperative menu covers for fine dining are for food, bistro and wine. Food menus can cost anywhere between five pounds and a hundred pounds. It may have one or two sides to as many as ten sides. You may have more sides if you need but those usually are tailored. Any special requirement is best served with a bespoke approach. Food menu covers can be as small as four inch wide and eight inch tall. They can be as wide as eleven inches and as tall as seventeen inches. The plethora of cuisines and the exact number of dishes you serve will influence the choice of the size, as you don’t want an unnecessarily heavy set with too many pages. It is better to opt for a larger sized menu when you are serving plenty of dishes.

Bistro menu covers are more reasonably priced than those for foods at fine dining establishments. You can spend anywhere from less than five pounds to twenty or thirty pounds and you can get some really amazing menu covers. You can have one, two, three or four sides. Any more pages and the menu may just be heavy. You need to work on the size then, just as is the case with food menu covers. Bistro menu covers are anywhere between four and nine inches wide and can be up to fourteen inches tall. There are some menu covers that are eleven inches by seventeen inches. You must choose a size that is most appropriate. Don’t opt for large menus and covers if the tables are reasonably small. The target audience and the ambience at the establishment will also influence your choice.


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