Choose the Finest Menu Covers for your Wine List

Your wine list demands the plushest menu covers. They should be the finest at your establishment, better than the menu covers used for foods and other beverages. We are not saying that the menu covers for the foods and other drinks should be of inferior quality but the one for your wine list should be superlative in every way. The material needs to be of premium quality, the build and design, the texture and the feel should be satiating and it should clearly stand out among the rest. It should not be loud in any manner. The presentation should be subtle but the establishment must make a branding statement with the choice of menu covers for the wine list.

Many restaurants and bars, pubs and clubs serve wine but they have a limited inventory. It is normal to wonder if a separate wine menu is necessary. If you don’t serve more than a handful of wines then there is no need to have a segregated menu. However, there is nothing wrong with a menu dedicated to wine only. This menu should not include beers, whiskeys and cocktails among other alcoholic beverages. Any place that has an expansive collection of wines should always have a dedicated menu for them. As far as the choice of material is concerned, there are some truly special options.

menu covers

Leather is often the de facto choice for wine menu covers.

You can opt for premium leather or you may go for faux pas leather. There are many variants of leatherette that can be just as elegant as leather but anyone who is familiar with different types of authentic and faux pas leathers will know the difference. You may also opt for original cork menu covers. There is faux pas cork as well. The substantial difference in price may be a compelling factor but do bear in mind the impact on branding. If you have some rare and expensive wines in your cellar and you intend to impress some connoisseurs, then the best option is to go for leather or cork menu covers for the wine list. Anything less would be a disservice to the prized collection of wine and also to the standard of hospitality you wish to uphold. Be equally attentive to the design, build and size as you would focus on the material and cost. Menu covers for a wine list should be nothing short of perfection.

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