Menu holders

menu covers

When it comes to designing menus, there are a lot of differing philosophies as far as what is the best kind of menu to have. Some people are preferring to use things like fancy newspapers with expensive fonts and high-quality inks, but other kinds of menus are essentially just pieces of paper with laminated plastic on top of them. Depending on the kind of restaurant or establishment you’re setting up, that should dictate what sort of menus you’re using. Some people also debate whether or not they should use these kinds of materials because if they do so, the menus may not be able to survive the hazards of the daily restaurant life.

This is something to keep in mind, because if you’re not able to, you may be using menu holders when you don’t really need them. This is something that absolutely has to be kept in mind because as small of a detail as it may be, it’s still a part of a restaurant strategy, and even if it isn’t established from the onset, this is definitely something you should consider.

menu holder

So if you’re still unsure of the best strategy for designing menus and other sorts of accoutrements, here are a few concerns you should have (assuming you don’t have them already).

Know Your Territory

It’s important to know your business and the clientele that are coming into your shop. If you’re in a pizzeria, this means that you’re going to have customers coming in and out, and the primary majority of your customers are going to be people that are coming in just to take food out. This means that you’re not going to have a lot of people coming into sit down, and as a result, it also means that you’re not going to need a lot of menus. Rather than having a menu with a bunch of menu holders, all you’re going to need is a menu with two sides on a piece of paper with a laminated plastic cover. This will get the job done for the long term, and it ensures you’re not overly concerned with unnecessary additions. This will minimize costs and ensure that as time goes on, you’re only using what’s absolutely necessary. Now if you have a fancier business, like a five-star steakhouse, then you’re going to want menus with leather menu holders. This is very important and if you keep it in mind, you’ll improve your business by miles.