The Rising Trend of Millennial Pink in Interior Design

The Rising Trend of Millennial Pink in Interior Design

The upturn in the amount of restaurants and bars embracing the vibrant Millennial Pink colour within the hospitality industry has seen a surprisingly sharp increase. When it is being used, it isn’t just being used sparingly, it is taking over whole interior design concepts. Hospitality specialists, Smart Hospitality Supplies, have seen this uprising unfold, and with it, have seen their clients pushed to the forefront of the industry’s style.

Working with cocktail bar, Tonight Josephine, to create bespoke menu covers to fit within their incredibly modern interior design meant only one thing – Millennial Pink. Using a vinyl material to print the precise colour on to allows the colour to shine through in the low light interior that Tonight Josephine sports. The bar’s logo was then stamped on with a matte red foil to contrast the pink sheen background.

Tonight Josephine use these menus for their cocktail list. They sit on chrome legged, tall bar tables surrounded by leather seating and pink neon lights. The contrast of the powdery pink with a sharp black and white bar and flooring brings the whole concept together and creates a vibrancy that is rare to see done is such a classy way. It is truly a space in which cocktail enthusiasts will want to spend their whole night.

Taking this further is modern French restaurant, Sketch London, situated in the infamous Mayfair in London. Sketch have dressed up an entire room in millennial pink with dashes of white and gold. The room has received global attention since its creation by architect and designer, India Mahdavi. You can’t help but be taken in by the contrast of textures within the room. From soft, suede chairs and benches to the striking shapes of metal lamps and glasses silhouetted on the tables, the room creates a relaxed, yet incredibly contemporary feel.

Being at the cutting edge of design within the hospitality industry has opened unexpected doors for the restaurant. Recently they have set up a showcase on British artist, David Shrigley. This only adds to the intrigue for the diner. Sketch call this room “The Gallery” for a reason – because it is a piece of art which captures the imagination of each of their customers.

The Rising Trend of Millennial Pink in Interior Design

Working with this breathtaking colour is a shake up for any establishment. Your customers want to feel comfortable within your venue and will likely be more open to spend more when they feel relaxed. Such a picturesque design concept is likely to be a subject of topic for your customers which will allow for word-of-mouth to spread about your restaurant or bar.

With materials like white marble and gold gaining traction within interior design trends, it calls for a continuation of a colour that works perfectly with them. Millennial pink is sure to continue its success as it is a colour that is an ideal match with every up-and-coming trend within the hospitality industry. Incorporating a trend like this in your establishment early on will confirm your reputation as an on-the-pulse place to be and put your name in the mix with the likes of Tonight Josephine and Sketch London.